Bengal Foundation marks the new year with Boishakh Utshob

Bengal Foundation marks the new year with Boishakh Utshob


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Bengal Foundation has arranged a five-day “Boishakh Utshob” in the capital yesterday, with a unique way to raise awareness. Consciousness spreads effectively through songs, poems, and discussions. With that in mind, the festival aims to promote the realisation of people’s actions through Bengali songs, dances and instruments.

As heritage, culture and lifestyle are highly influenced by the Bengali New Year, Bengal Foundation spared no effort to spread the message of humanity and consciousness. Open to all, the festival shall continue till April 13, and is being hosted at the Bengal Shilpalay in Dhanmondi. Performances are scheduled to begin at 7pm every day.

The program features songs of Tagore, Nazrul, the “Tin Kobi” (Atulprasad, Rajanikanta Sen and Dwijendralal Ray), as well as folk music and classical numbers by the country’s leading singers.

Today’s segment, termed “Rabindrashondhya,” will feature Shama Rahman, Fahim Hossain Chowdhury, Mohiuzzaman Chowdhury, and Rezwana Choudhury Bannya along with few other artists.

Tomorrow’s shall uplift “Shangeetshondhya” as the main highlight, which will feature songs of the “Tin Kobi” as well as classical tracks. Jhuma Khandaker, Tanvir Alam Sajib, Subir Nandi and Iffat Ara Dewan are all scheduled to perform.

The final two days of the fest shall emphasise on folk songs, instrumentals, and classical music, with the likes of Chandana Majumdar and Kiran Chandra Roy.

The show kicked-off with chorus performances. Famous tracks of Rajanikanta Sen, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Dwijendra Lal Roy and Rabindranath Tagore, including Esho Pran E Bhorano, Aji Nutan Rotone, Ami Bhai Khepa Baul, Rekho Maa Dashi Re Mone, Mayer Dewa Mota Kapor and Ei Kotha ta Dhore Rakhish, were performed on stage.

A group of child artistes from Sylhet Geetobitan Bangladesh ended the opening session with recitals of well-known rhymes like Openti Biscope, Aam Pata Jora Jora, and Aikom Baikom Taratari.

Moreover, students of Maple Leaf International School welcomed the new year with dance performances and chorus songs including Alo Amar Alo, Ei Bangla Robi Thakurer, Dhin Dhin Tak Dhina Dhin, Aji Dhaner Khete Roudro Chhayay, and Holud Gadar Ful.

That’s not all. A puppet show by the Bangladesh Putul Natya Gobeshona O Unnoyon Kendra, an affiliate of the department of drama and dramatics of Jahangirnagar University, also took part to illustrate their talents. Children in the audience were mesmerised by the play Kupokat, written by Munier Chowdhury, Tonatuni by Jasimuddin and Nakkata Rajar by Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury, all of which were directed by Dr Harun Rashid.

Champa  Bonik, Shahid Kabir Polash, Lotifun Julio, Bijon Chandra Mistri, Mohammad Shoyeb, Sharmin Shathi Islam, Nasima Shahin, Yakub Ali Khan and Khairul Anam Shakil performed Nazrul songs in the evening session, moderated by Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury.


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