BNP demands judicial probe of B'baria attacks on Hindus

BNP demands judicial probe of B’baria attacks on Hindus


Dhaka – The BNP claims that they have found evidence of the ruling Awami League’s involvement in attack on Hindus in Brahmanbarhia.
“It is now clear to the people of this country who are behind this disruption of communal harmony,” senior leader Hafizuddin Ahmed said on Saturday pointing his finger at the ruling party, re-ported.A BNP delegation led by Hafiz on Friday visited Brahmanbarhia’s Nasirnagar, where at least 15 temples were ransacked and over a hundred Hindu homes were looted and vandalised on Oct 30.
The BNP vice-chairman, however, ‘thanked’ the ruling party for suspending three of its local leaders following the Brahmanbarhia incident.
“Awami League has tried to tackle the situation by suspending its local leaders,” he said demanding a judicial inquiry into the attacks.
“We demand the government step down as it has failed to provide security for Hindus from Awami League leaders,” he said while briefing the media on Saturday on the visit the previous day.
“Our Nasirnagar visit has nothing to do with politics. The scale of the incident saddens us.”
“We are shocked by the attacks on Hindus when Awami League is in office,” he continued.
He claimed the Hindus in Nasirnagar said that the police did not help them when the attacks took place.
“It was instead their Muslim neighbours who tried to stop the attacks and provided shelter to the victims.”
Even after the Oct 30 attacks, several houses and a temple were torched early on Friday amid ‘tight security’.
BNP leader Hafiz, a former army officer, blamed the police for the later attacks.
“The police are totally unprofessional. They have failed to perform their duty and have turned into the enforcement arm of the ruling party.”
“They are busy harassing activists of BNP and other opposition parties. They spend most of their time pursuing false cases,” he said.
“The attack on Hindus took place despite the community’s record of voting the Awami League,” Hafiz said and added “The reason is that the Awami League no longer needs votes.”
He claimed that leaders of Awami League across Bangladesh were involved in illegally grabbing property belonging to Hindus.
“It is a fact that Awami League’s people have confiscated Hindu properties since independence,” he pointed out.


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