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Boost productivity, improve quality, PM to workers


Dhaka – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday urged workers to boost productivity and improve the quality of both the products and the standard of their works to keep pace with the competitive world. –UNB
“You’ll (workers) have to boost productivity and improve the standard of work, you’ll have to give special attention to this end. Bangladesh is not an isolated island …it’s very much integrated with the world. We’ll have to move ahead keeping pace with the world through competition and we’ll have to take every step keeping that view in mind,” she said.
The Prime Minister came up with the remarks after receiving the report of the ‘National Wage and Productivity Commission-2015′ at her office.
State Minister for Labour Mujibul Haque Chunnu, Labour Secretary Michael Shipper and the Chairman of the National Wage and Productivity Commission-2015 jointly handed over the report to the Prime Minister.
The report aims to determine the wages of the workers of the state-owned, autonomous and semi-autonomous industries.
Sheikh Hasina said another committee will now be formed to work on implementation of the recommendations of this report and it will sit with the Ministry of Finance to proceed further.
“We’ll definitely accept those recommendations which are implementable… we’ll also have to scrutinise some other recommendations to ascertain whether those are implementable or not,” she added.
Hasina said the National Wage and Productivity Commission 2015 completed its report on determining the wages of workers considering six the total family members of a worker instead of the previous four.
The Prime Minister said the number of workers under the state-owned industries, autonomous and semi-autonomous industries were around 80,000 when she assumed office in 2009 but now the number of such workers came down to around 60,000.
She said the government has already decided that the salaries and allowances of public servants will automatically increase in line with the yearly inflation rate so that the National Pay and Services Commission does not to face hassle in this regard.
Hasina said the productivity issue should also be considered while increasing wages alongside adjusting with the yearly inflation rate.
“Good incentives should have to be provided to those who do good works and this will also encourage others. But, all must change the mindset that salaries will be available without work,” she added.
Referring to the government’s stride towards setting up of countrywide 100 Special Economic Zones, Hasina said these Economic Zones will attract both local and foreign investment.


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