Debate triggered over white DiCaprio playing Rumi

Debate triggered over white DiCaprio playing Rumi


Regardless whether one finds any common features, Oscar winning director David Franzoni is thinking of casting DiCaprio in the lead in his upcoming film, which is a biopic of Rumi himself.

Critics took to social media to vent their anger about the idea, right after the director made the announcement, particularly on Twitter.

Many made remarks which were along the lines of how it would be inappropriate and funny to cast DiCaprio for the role of the Persian poet as he was born in Afghanistan, then Khorasan. They wondered how the director would make him portray the role of an Asian.

Some of the tweets read: “So they want a white man to play Rumi, a SUFI PERSIAN poet, but when they need a terrorist they find Muslim actors so easily #RumiWasntWhite” and “Guys. Seriously. #RumiWasntWhite How hard can it POSSIBLY be to find a Middle Eastern actor? Hollywood. Please. Stop. #whitewashing”

Rumours are in the air that Robert Downey Jr, known for his successful portrayal of Iron Man, is to star as the poet’s spiritual mentor, Shams of Tabriz, reports BBC.


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