Delay won't be contempt of court, says AG

Delay won’t be contempt of court, says AG


The delay in carrying out the High Court order for arrest of three disgraced RAB officers over the Narayanganj multiple murders will not be a contempt of court, the attorney general has said.
Mahbubey Alam remarked the government was giving top priority to the matter.
Asked if the delay would be considered disrespect for the court, he said, “Why would it be? The court did not fix any timeframe to carry out its order.”The High Court on Sunday asked the inspector general of police to arrest the three former RAB officers as soon as possible.
A copy of the order reached the police headquarters the following day but no arrest has been made yet.
Seven men, including Narayanganj City councillor Nazrul Islam and lawyer Chandan Kumar Sarkar, were abducted on Apr 27.
They were found dead several days later.
Three RAB officers, including RAB-11 commanding officer, were sent back to their parent forces.
They were forced to retire three days after Islam’s father-in-law Shahidul Islam alleged the RAB had taken Tk 60 million to perpetrate the crime.
Islam on Monday claimed RAB had helped the prime suspect Nur Hossain flee to Kolkata to shield the


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