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Food prices hiked centering on RU entry test R
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Food prices hiked centering on RU entry test R

Rajshahi, Oct 22 -Centering of the arrival of large number admission seekers in Rajshahi University campus, the prices of food have gone up.  Meals which is prepared in an unhygienic environment in university canteens and the cafeteria has been increased by around 40 per cent, Apart from the sudden hike in the prices, the authorities are supplying ‘unhygienic’ and ‘poor quality’ food items, students and admission seekers alleged.
Moreover, shopkeepers and hotels are operating on the campus without the permission and supplying the foods with High-price, alleged.
A good number of applicants and the university students told this reporter that they frequently become sick by taking foods items, especially from different stalls.
A visit to some canteens and shops revealed that the food prices were hiked by 10 to 50 per cent in the food shops across the Tukitaki, Central Cafeteria and in the hall canteens ahead of the admission test.
Before the entry test food items which were available at Tk. 20 to Tk. 40. These items are being sold at Tk. 35 to Tk 60 at the central cafeteria, canteens, Chilasila, Tokitaki Chattor, station bazar, Binodpur bazar and various restaurants of the campus, sources said.
It is found in the field inspection that, Amin Food Corner, Ashik Hotel and Restaurant daily food are being sold at higher prices.
Besides the food problem, the accommodation problem has also been increased during the admission test.
It is found that, adjacent to the campus area including Binodpur, Kazla, Bodpara, Motihar, Chaddupay, Dorompur, Meherchondi mass owners are taking extra 200 to 300 tk. for staying per night while a resident student pays only tk400 to 750 per month. No relatives are allowed to accept this rules during the admission test.
Ismail Hossain, a mass owner of Gafur Mention said, Mass Owner Association (MAO) of Rajshahi district said us to receive Tk. 200 per head for per night in a press release.
The Philosophy department’s third-year student Shafikul Islam Nahid said, ‘The authorities increase of the price of the food items ahead of the university's admission test every year, which creates an extra pressure to the campus students as also the admission seekers.
Rakibul Islam, who hails from Narsingdi district said, I paid tk.300 for two nights while my neighbour was in the mass. – Shakib Al Hasan, RU