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Graft of powerful quarters put migrants to catastrophe: TIB


Expressing deep concern over the sufferings of Bangladeshi nationals floating on the sea, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) held lack of good governance in migration sector, weakness in implementation of law and corruption of powerful people responsible for the human trafficking.
They called upon the government to identify the perpetrators responsible for such severe sufferings of the people and bring them to justice without caring about intimidation.TIB also urged the government to form a national taskforce to work in coordination with the United Nations and concerned countries to salvage thousands of Bangladeshi nationals floating on sea at present.
In a statement on Sunday, TIB executive director Dr Iftekharuzzaman said, “It has been clear through a series of news reports on human trafficking on sea from Bangladesh that Bangladeshi citizens who intended for migration have been facing such human catastrophe due to the corruption of a quarter of powerful people, administration and law enforcing agency in connivance with human traffickers, weak law enforcement and lack of good governance in migration management.”
Besides, a vested quarter is deceiving the ordinary and poor people with the hope of making huge money abroad and pushing them to an uncertain life, he said adding that the failure of resisting corruption and ensuring good governance does not only damage to the socio-economic development but also endanger human life. “Corruption kills innocent people,” he said.
According to the national household survey of 2012 by TIB, it is said that the victims of the corruption in labour migration sector was the highest. The rate of giving money out of rules in the sector was 77 percent while the average rate of the money was about two lakh taka.
The statement said though there were various recommendations in the survey but the concerned quarters did not take effective steps to resist corruption in this sector.
Dr Iftekharuzzaman said, “If the concerned ministries, administration, law enforcing agencies and BGB were careful and responsible, such disaster might have been avoided. It is impossible to eradicate the problem if the transparency and accountability are not ensured in the entire process.”
He said that it is possible to ensure security for the Bangladeshi nationals who have become victims of trafficking by the coordinated efforts of United Nations, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. – Staff Reporter


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