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Kerry underscored space for peaceful political opposition: US


US Secretary of State John Kerry met with Bangladesh Nationalist Party Chairperson Khaleda Zia to discuss the political and security environments in Bangladesh, according to a media release by US State Department. The Secretary emphasized the importance of having a multi-party system with space for peaceful political opposition as key components of a secure, pluralistic democracy.
He also underscored the usefulness of a unified effort, involving all segments of Bangladeshi society, for countering the threats facing the country, according Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner. – World News Report via EIN News                                                                       UNB adds: US Secretary of State John Kerry, during his recent Dhaka visit, made clear US expectations while discussing with Bangladesh leadership the issues like counterterrorism and Bangladesh’s progress on democracy and human rights.
“The Secretary certainly made clear our expectations,” said John Kirby, Spokesperson at the US Department of State at a press briefing.
By and large, they talked about counterterrorism, climate change, Bangladesh’s progress on democracy and human rights, he said on Tuesday.
The spokesperson also said that the progress on those areas would continue and deepen and grow and be better than it is right now.
“So it was a wide-ranging set of discussions,” he said suggesting the questioner to look at their website to see all the things that were discussed in Bangladesh.
Kirby said his deputy spokesman, Mark Toner, was on the trip and issued a series of readouts from each of the bilateral meetings highlighting the things that the Secretary discussed and advanced while he was in Bangladesh.


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