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Make Dhaka-Rajshahi train journey comfortable!


Recently, while I was travelling in an AC chair coach from Rajshahi to Dhaka by Padma Express, I found many men were standing in the corridor near the toilets and It was really hard for a person to go to the toilet, particularly for a woman. Moreover, toilets were not cleaned properly and toilet accessories were not available. We all know how the standing people travel from Rajshahi to Dhaka and vice-versa without buying a ticket.
In addition, many people were crammed into the coach from Gazipur station and again from the Airport. One said nowadays it is a common phenomenon of the AC coach and it took always more than 6 and a half hours.
We urge the concerned authorities to remove all the inefficiencies and introduce atom train from Rajshahi to Dhaka and make the journey time as short as possible.
Mawduda Hasnin


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