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Oppoosition deprived of political rights: Khaleda


BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Monday said the opposition is deprived of all constitutional political rights as there is no sign of democracy in the country. Khaleda came up with this in a statement made in the evening. The BNP chief, in the statement, also expressed her concern over the bail denial of Khulna BNP’s president Nazrul Islam.
Police have arrested more than 3,000 BNP leaders and activists in false cases over the past few weeks, Khaleda alleged.
She also said that BNP leaders surrendered to the court showing respect to the judicial system, but the government sent them in jail denying their bail pleas. The same thing happened for top BNP leaders including acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and standing committee member KM Anwar.
Arresting politicians in false cases is not a sign of healthy politics. It seems the government is unable to tolerate the opposition. The government is making a way for the one-party-rule, said the BNP chief.
The statement signed by BNP spokesperson Asaduzzaman Ripon statess, “Basic human rights have already been violated. Media does not have any freedom. The ruling party people control the judiciary system. The government has created a suffocating atmosphere in the country. No one in the country including the political leaders and activists are safe now.”
The BNP chairperson urged the government to stop the ‘mass arrest’ and withdraw the cases against the political leaders and activists.


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