People will not vote for 'terrorists', says Hasina

People will not vote for ‘terrorists’, says Hasina


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday expressed her firm belief that people would not vote for terrorists and militants responsible for killing innocent people, hurling petrol bombs and destruction across the country in the name of political movement.
“Why will people give them vote? she asked adding, a conscious person with human values cannot vote for BNP, Jamaat or 20-party combine that asked for killing people, torching buses by hurling petrol bombs and cocktails.”
Addressing a press conference on her recent Indonesia visit at her official residence Gonobhaban here this afternoon, the Prime Minister said, “Before lodging any complaint against free and fair election, Khaleda Zia first should look into her own history.”“How a person responsible for unleashing politics of killing over the last three months can seek public support?” she said criticizing a section of media for their silence about the violation of the ‘election code of conduct’.
Apart from dwelling on different aspects of her Indonesia visit, she focused on all contemporary issues including the city corporation election, current political situation, public concern over probable high intensity earthquake in Bangladesh following the earthquake in Nepal and the building code.
The Prime Minister also responded to the press conference of Khaleda Zia held earlier in the day, saying, BNP Chairperson’s speech is a flurry of lies. “Khaleda Zia has uttered a flurry of lies, it is her habit,” she said.
Showing a number of pictures taken from the scene of recent incidents during Khaleda Zia’s election campaign at different parts of the city, Sheikh Hasina said ‘media didn’t publish the pictures where the vehicle of Khaleda Zia ran over a boy and her security personnel opened fire on people’.
Sheikh Hasina said Khaleda Zia was responsible for two years of emergency. None could do business without giving money to Hawa Bhaban, she said adding many foreign investors denied investing in Bangladesh because of the corruption of her son.
The World Bank suspended the financial support to Mymensingh-Dhaka four-lane road due to the corruption of BNP in road sector, she said adding Bangladesh also had to pay for their illegal manpower export to Malyasia and Middle East countries.
Sheikh Hasina said her government after taking office in 2009 brought everything on order through relentless efforts and diplomatic initiatives, bringing the country to a dignified position. But Khaleda Zia and her cohorts contrived to destroy the country’s image.
The Prime Minister said Khaleda Zia had left no stone unturned to foil the January 5 elections of 2014 by unleashing terrorism. In the name of movement, she went into oblivion for 92 days ordering her activities to carry out indiscriminate killings and destruction to unseat the government.
Failing to achieve anything from that destructive movement, she said, Khaleda Zia has now decided to join city corporation polls dreaming to win by misguiding people. “Khaleda Zia, who has a track record of election rigging, is now confused about the fairness of the election.”
“Khaleda Zia can understand better the election rigging as none is more expert than her to win the elections through rigging,” the Prime Minister said.
Sheikh Hasina said Khaleda Zia could give nothing to the nation except rigging, favoritism and partisan politics. After coming to power in 1991, Khaleda Zia presented the nation with most farcical Magura by-poll and Mirpur by-poll. In 2001, she presented another ridiculous poll in the heart of the Dhaka City.
“Why do you forget February 15, 1996 election when only 2 to 3 percent vote was cast in whole Bangladesh? But Khaleda Zia took oath claiming overwhelming majority, but was compelled to quit amid people upsurge,” the Prime Minister said. – Adapted from agency reports


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