Plea to strip Suu Kyi's Nobel Peace Prize for anti-Muslim stance

Plea to strip Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace Prize for anti-Muslim stance


Dhaka – Close to 85,000 Indonesians and other nationalities have filed a petition to revoke the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Myanmar’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi over anti-Muslim remarks she allegedly made during a media interview.
A newly published biography written by Peter Popham, titled “The Lady and The Generals,” revealed that Suu Kyi lost her temper after a heated interview in October 2013 with BBC Today anchor Mishal Husain.Husain, a Muslim of Pakistani descent, repeatedly questioned why the Nobel laureate refused to condemn anti-Islamic sentiment and massacres of Muslims in her country, which she refused to do throughout the interview.
After the interview, Popham writes, Suu Kyi reportedly said: “No one told me I would be interviewed by a Muslim.”
“Many people were shocked that such words came from Suu Kyi. It might be just one sentence, but they have deep meanings for every person who loves peace,” said Emerson Yuntho, an antigraft activist who co-initiated an online petition demanding the Norwegian Nobel Committee retract the award.
“Only those who seriously maintain peace are suitable for the Nobel Peace Prize,” the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) activist added.
Emerson, along with around 120 other Indonesians, started the petition on the website this March.
It still needs 65,569 signatures to reach 150,000 petitioners, after which it will be sent to the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee. – Agencies


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