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PM accuses BNP of plotting to kill Joy


Reiterating her firm vow not to give any room to terrorism and militancy on the soil of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said no one would be allowed to play with the fate of the country in the name of militancy as long as she is alive.“There’ll be no place for terrorism and militancy on the soil of Bangladesh. Many will try to play with the country’s fate in the name of militancy. But, I won’t allow such game to happen as long as I remain alive,” she said while making her 46-minute long winding-up speech at the 10 session of 10th Parliament.
The Leader of the House said it is the duty and responsibility of her government to give security to the country’s people, and sought their support to supplement the government’s activities in this regard.
She also urged people to remain alert while renting out their houses so that no one could unleash any suspicious or subversive activities using their homes.
She called upon all not to hesitate to inform the law enforcement agencies if they notice any suspicious activities.
Referring to the BNP chief’s recent remarks that Prime Minister’s son and her ICT Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy has $ 300 million with US banks, Sheikh Hasina alleged that she had tried to confuse the nation spreading false information.
“I hope that she (Khaleda) would accept the challenge of Joy,” Hasina said alleging that BNP is now hatching a plot to kill her son after having failed to kill her despite their various attempts like grenade attack and bomb attack.
Hasina went on saying, “This is their (BNP’s) character as killing is their profession.”
The Prime Minister said she had instilled her son good education at various universities in the world not making him used to a lavish lifestyle. “He (Joy) is working for the betterment of the country without taking anything.”
Alleging again that BNP and Jatiya Party had patronised the killers of Bangabandhu, she said the fugitive killers of Father of the Nation would be brought back home and executed.
Reiterating her vow to peruse a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to keep the country free from terrorism, Hasina said her government stands firm not to allow others to use the soil of Bangladesh to unleash insurgency in any other country.
In this connection, she urged people to remain alert everywhere – from village, ward, union, upazila, district to city — and form strong public opinions against terrorism alongside requesting the guardians so that their children are not engaged in any terrorist activity.
Referring to the conviction of a BNP leader in a case in the USA against the plot to cause harm to Joy, the Prime Minister said such information manifests that they would abduct Joy and even kill him.
It also came out that Shafik Rehman and Mahmudur Rahman were involved in that plot.
Taking a swipe at Khaleda Zia for not appearing before the court in the fund embezzlement cases, the Prime Minister alleged that although Khaleda Zia could speak at the Suhrawardy Udyan rally and hold press conference, she could not appear before the court due to her alleged illness.
“She (Khaleda) committed corruption and took bribe, and now fears to face the cases …..if she had been honest and had self confidence, she couldn’t have continued to flee the court,” Hasina added.
Highlighting various achievements of her government in various socio-economic fields, the Prime Minister also renewed her vow to build a middle-income country by 2021 and a prosperous developed one in South Asia by 2041.


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