PM upset with two editors and prof Younus

PM upset with two editors and prof Younus


Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has said she was the worst victim of media despite the fact the she was the one who had provided maximum opportunities for the media.She said this on Monday while taking part in the thanksgiving motion on the president’s speech in the parliament, marking the end of the session.Coming down hard on the Daily Star and Prothom Alo, Hasina said, “The two dailies wrote against me continuously for 20 years. I have never read those two newspapers since my release from jail in 2008.Even their positive stories have a twist at the end. I don’t read these papers as I may lose my confidence because of these twists,” she added.The PM said both the dailies have beautiful names. Daily Star implies stars in the sky and Prothom Alo means first light. However, their work is of the darkness. What does the work of darkness mean? It was to publish the reports supplied by the DGFI (Directorate General of Forces Intelligence).The first attack of conspiracy came on me, she added.“Despite being the leader of the opposition, I was arrested first by the 1/11 rulers implicating me in many false cases,” the prime minister also said.“Before these cases and arrest, these two newspapers continuously tried to portray me as corrupt by writing lies against me. And who supplied them the untrue stories? The DGFI. Who were DGFI [people]?” she questioned.Answering her own question, Hasina said that two DGFI officers during the 1/11 regime were brigadier Amin and Bari who tortured students, teachers, businessmen, politicians. No one was spared from their torture.In an oblique reference to the Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam, Hasina asked what intimacy he had with both the DGFI officers who tortured so many people.Can Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam or Prothom Alo editor Matiur Rahman answer why there was so much intimacy [DGFI officers], the prime minister questioned.

“Was that fearless journalism or a policy of implementing ‘minus-two’ formula, excluding Hasina and BNP chief Khaleda Zia from politics during the last caretaker government as agents of DGFI?” she also questioned.She said, “If they desire power and politics, they can take to the streets, forming their own political party. We took the streets, faced police batons and torture and landed in jail frequently.”Sheikh Hasina said if they have the lust for power, then they could form a political party. “We always spoke for the rights of people. I returned to the country risking my life.”Hasina also said, “If they have so much interest in politics and power, they can do that with people’s mandate,” she said.She said these people do not have the trust in people and their verdict but have the dream of coming to power conspiring with DGFI.The prime minister said a number of people are involved with this dream.Not mentioning the name of Muhammad Yunus, the prime minister said a person can lawfully stay managing director of a bank till 60 years of age. But a certain person stayed as the managing director for an additional 10 years, violating the rules.“He again moved the court to get back his post, but the court abides by the law and dismissed his plea,” she said.Mentioning that the government wanted to honour him by making him adviser emeritus of the bank, she said, “He refused that.”The prime minister continued, “That person could not win the case, but I was given all the blame. And the anger for losing the MD post had an impact on the Padma Bridge.”

She claimed that he, using his friends in the US, got the World Bank suspend the funds for the Padma Bridge project on the allegations of corruption.“I took up that challenge. Where is the corruption? I repeatedly asked for proof but they never showed any evidence, even not now. The Canadian court also seeks proof, but they have failed to get it. Then what is the value of such international honor?” Hasina asked.The prime minister also mentioned that the conspiracy of these people continues. Stating that Bangladesh is marching ahead, she said no one will be able to stop this advancement.Sheikh Hasina during her speech said, “There is a regretful trend of increased child killing. Why is this hatred among people and how do they commit such offence?” I condemn these acts.”She expressed her expectation that the courts will award maximum punishment or death penalty to the perpetrators so that no one dares to commit such crimes in the future.Sheikh Hasina urged the people to help law enforcement agencies arrest those involved in killing children and the government will ensure harsher punishment for them.The prime minister asked, if BNP-Jamaat made a mistake by not participating in the polls, why should the nation pay the price? The people of the country also rejected them in the local body elections for their subversive activities.The prime minister then discussed various development works of her government.Opposition leader Raushon Ershad and industries minister Amir Hossain also discussed the president’s speech.A total of 211 MPs took part in the thanksgiving motion on the president’s speech and spent 53 hours and 46 minutes in the general discussion on the motion.Speaker in this occasion said the 9th session of the 10th parliament was prorogued after 27 sittings. During the 41-day session that began on 20 January, some 285 notices were placed under Section 71 of the Rules of Procedure, of which 15 were received and three discussed in the House.
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