Rapes, murders have increased significantly!

Rapes, murders have increased significantly!


A very shocking and alarming news ‘Housewife snatched away from auto rickshaw mass-raped’ has drawn my attention like many others. It happened in Gaibandha sadar upazila at about 10pm. These types of reports have flooded the print and electronic media. It is noticed that many rape of children, girls and women are not published.

Rapes have been happening even in the running busses and where not.
Everyday people are getting killed in road accidents and it’s a huge number everyday. A large number of people have lost their limbs and they have been dependent on others which are curses for them. We also know that a large number of women were raped during the liberation war and a large number of people were killed.
The incumbent government hanged some convicts through the process of law.
Rapes and also murders are happening every now and then, but the government does not speak out about the issue. They speak of rapes and killings of 1971.
Once acid throwing was an epidemic in our society but the then government took effective measures by introducing strong rules and was able to reduce acid throwing significantly.
We urge the government to introduce death by hanging for rapists and stringen rules for violating driving norms and help reduce road accidents.
Sheuly Haque


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