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Rohingya situation to be briefed to diplomats


Dhaka – The government will brief foreign diplomats stationed in Dhaka over the latest Rohingya situation in the country on Monday, Unb news agency reported.The government has recently conducted the first ever census on the undocumented Myanmar nationals living in Bangladesh.
Diplomats from Europe, America and Southeast Asia, as well as the resident coordinator of the UN, will attend the briefing, foreign ministry sources said.
Foreign Secretary M Shahidul Haque is likely to brief the diplomats.
Bangladesh is home to 32,000 documented Rohingya refugees and they are taking shelter in two camps in the south-eastern district of Cox’s Bazar.
But their number is dwarfed by the almost 300,000 who are living illegally in the district, according to the primary outcome of government census, held from February 1 to 23 to identify Rohingya families in Bangladesh.


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