*Taste of Light and Darkness" returns

*Taste of Light and Darkness” returns


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*Taste of Light and Darkness* returns with its second edition featuring artworks by A.S.M. Rashidul Alam, Md. Al-Akhir Sarker, Md. Azmol Hosen,
Sayed Fida Hossain, and Sultan Ishtiaque. This group exhibition will showcase an expansive portrayal of ordinary people’s day-to-day life juxtaposed on a vignette of light and darkness.

The artists have employed the fundamental nature of contrasting these two elements: light as well as darkness and strove to unfold the exquisiteness
of nature which, they found, is both perpetual and ephemeral; and they ultimately ended up with compositions that are exemplary of the titular
overtone. The artists found that the acceptivity of light and darkness with each other is very synergetic as if they mimic the most primordial
instincts of the human nature. Human beings and their expressions, the artists think, are necessarily full of these two elements and their
paintings only try to encapsulate that.

Some of A.S.M Rashidul Alam’s artworks represent his own thoughts. Every so often he feels amazed by love, affection, bliss which elevates his
childhood remembrance once again. Md. Al- AkhirSarker wanted to dig out his inner feelings, very personal and free feelings, at the same time the
very traditional feelings of Bengali people in his paintings, where the tradition, religious behavior, thoughts, dreams, and the entire Bengali
character are present. Md. Azmol Hosen’s paintings show the struggle of life. They make a story about the needs and dreams which may make the
visitors happy or upset. Self-exploration is the internal history of Sayed Fida Hossain’s painting. We always are bound by our daily frustrated
mechanical life where we lose our inner existence and sometimes find ourselves through the intellection and consciousness. It’s a mysterious
journey of the existence of human being and Fida would like to call it– “humanity.” The subjects of Sultan Istiaque’s paintings are harsh
realities of society, wrecked houses, historical buildings, large-sized ships of the Buriganga River, labourers and their daily chores, awaiting
boatmen in the bright lights, downtrodden people and their regular lives.

After the inaugural ceremony, the exhibition will be open to all till March 08, 2016 in La Galerie, Alliance Française de Dhaka. Visiting Hours: Monday to Thursday from 3:00pm to 9:00pm, Friday and Saturday (9:00am to12:00pm and 5:00pm to 8:00pm). Closed on Sunday.


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