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Vested quarter trying to mislead PM on Aug 21 grenade attack: BNP


The BNP on Sunday alleged that a vested quarter is trying to mislead Sheikh Hasina only to widen the difference with BNP sand underpin the politics of division and said that the Prime Minister’s observation over involvement of its chief Khaleda Zia and her son Tarique Rahman in the August-21 grenade attack unfounded,.
Addressing a press briefing at the party’s Nayapaltan central office, BNP spokesman Asaduzzaman Ripon also voiced concern that the PM’s such remark over a subjudice matter may influence the trial process of the grenade attack case.“The Prime Minister has said she has no doubt that Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman had a link to the August 21-grenade attack. Such overstrain from the government’s top level is very unfortunate and a matter of deep concern as the incident is still under trial,” he said.
The BNP leader further said, “When the head of the government makes such a comment over a subjudice matter, there’s a chance that the trial process of the case may be influenced. We condemn it.”
Earlier on August 21, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said there is no doubt about the involvement of Khaleda Zia and her son in the August 21 grenade attack.
Speaking at a rally after placing wreaths at the memorial of martyrs of the gruesome August 21 grenade attack at Bangabandhu Avenue, she said, “As Ziaur Rahman was involved in the August-15 killing, Khaleda Zia and her son were involved in the August-21 grenade attack. There’s no doubt about it.”
Reacting to the PM’s remarks, Ripon said, “We want to tell the Prime Minister that a vested quarter might have confused you providing false information about the matter. Our party doesn’t believe in the politics of killing.”
He described the grenade attack as heinous, barbaric and shocking incident. “Our party had earlier condemned the incident we also do the same now. We want to clearly state that BNP has no disagreement over putting the real offenders of such a barbaric incident on trial. But the effort to use the incident to annihilate the political opponents is very unfortunate.”
Ripon said both the Awami League and BNP should come out of the politics of allegation and counter allegation as it creates a chaotic situation and help the real offenders of the heinous crimes remain untouched by the law.
“We think a vested quarter is active to widen the distance among the top leaders of the two parties and intensify the conflict between them. We’ve seen when the two leaders (Hasina-Khaleda) had got united, the autocratic regime were forced to go while the 1/11 (administration) quit,” he observed.
Mentioning Hasina and Khaleda are two flowers of the same branch, he said “We need to protect the two flowers for the existence of each other and for the sake of democracy and the country… So we urge the government not to be instigated by the vested quarters to widen the political division. Let’s try to strengthen democracy and garner unity and ensure a healthy politics.”- UNB


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