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Work together for sustainable democracy, Khaleda urges Hasina


BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Friday called upon her arch rival Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to work together for a sustainable democratic system in the country as they did it in the past.
In a statement, the BNP chief said, “Eschew the politics of vengeance and let’s work together as we did earlier for a sustainable democratic system.”
Khaleda alleged that the government is walking towards a one-party rule by resorting to repressive acts and obstructing the opposition’s organisational activities.She further said, “I’m afraid the vengeful politics will put our moribund democracy in a coffin one day. It’s seems the government has become active to do this task. I want to make Awami League president remember that we didn’t liberate the country for this. The policy the government is following in running the county is nothing but a betrayal with the spirit of the Liberation War.”
The statement, signed by BNP spokesman Asaduzzaman Ripon on her behalf, was issued protesting the re-arrest of Joypurhat BNP president at the jail gate on Thursday after he was released on bail.
Denouncing the government’s move, Khaleda said, “The government is even showing disrespect to the country’s rules and regulations and court verdict.”
She alleged that the government is not releasing many political prisoners in some cases though they have got bail from the apex court. “They’re also arresting our many leaders at jail gates in fresh false cases when they get released. The law enforcers’ such activities are nothing but showing thumb to the rule of law.”
The BNP chief called upon the government to shun such illegal activities. “The government’s this attitude is a glaring example of snatching basic human rights.”
She alleged that the government is arresting BNP leaders and activists and pressing charges against them in a bid to obstruct the opposition’s organisational activities.
“We want to warn the government that it won’t be able to perpetuate its rule besieging democracy.  We hope good senses will prevail upon it,” Khaleda said.
She observed that the government is only establishing itself as an undemocratic force by implicating the BNP leaders and activists in fresh ‘false’ cases and blocking the opposition’s organisational activities.UNB


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