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17 dilapidated pry school bldgs in Amtoli

More than fifty per cent government primary school buildings in Amtali upazila of Barguna district are in dilapidated condition.The school buildings are so risky that teachers, students and guardians remain in constant fear that they may collapse at any moment, causing huge casualties.
Upazila Primary Education Office sources said they have imposed restriction on taking classes in the risky structures of the schools.
The authorities have also imposed a prohibition on entry into the vulnerable school buildings.
Finding no other alternative, teachers are compelled to take classes
in some of the buildings.
During a visit to Haridra Baria Government Primary School, Halima Khatun Government Primary School, Amkhola Government Primary School, Gulishkhali and Bainbunia Government Primary School and Purbachila Government Primary School, it was found
that plasters of walls and roofs of most of the buildings were
falling apart and roofs of some buildings have developed cracks.
Rain water leaks through the cracks during rainy season, making thewalls damp.
Officials of the Upazila Education Office have identified the buildings to be unfit for use and declared them abandoned.
But there was no instruction where the classes will be held.
Considering the importance of education, teachers are forced to take classes in the ramshackle buildings.
Haridra Primary Schoolheadmaster Rasheda Parvin said the school building had been declared abandoned two years back.
An application was submitted to the higher authorities to construct a new building, but to no effect.
The teachers of Amkhola, Gulishkhali and Bainbunia schools also stated the same things.
Amtali upazila primary education officer Jesmin Akhtar said, “We have visited several risky school buildings.
It is impossible to take class in these buildings, which may collapse at any moment.”
Letter has been sent to the higher authorities to renovate the buildings immediately, she said further.
Work will start upon availability of required fund, she added.
(UNB, Barguna)


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