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Bnp blames Govt for mass human trafficking, miseries
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Bnp blames Govt for mass human trafficking, miseries

BNP spokesman Asaduzzaman Ripon on Sunday alleged that human trafficking marked a sharp rise in the country as the government has failed to generate jobs for the unemployed people.
“Most youths are now jobless and they are taking risk of going aboard through sea routes as they have no employment opportunity in the country. The hapless people are losing their lives and assets falling pray to the human traffickers, he said.The BNP leader came up with the remarks while addressing a milad mahfil on the ground floor of the party’s Nayapaltan headquarters.
Jatiyatabadi Jubo Dal, the BNP’s youth wing, arranged the programme seeking salvation of the departed soul of BNP assistant organising secretary Nasiruddin Ahmed Pintu who died on May 5.
Thirty-three bodies, believed to be migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh, were recovered in shallow graves past week at a human-trafficking camp in southern Thailand, according to media reports.
Besides, the Thai authorities on Saturday questioned more than 100 migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar discovered in Thailand’s south to determine whether they were victims of human trafficking.
Ripon, also the party’s international affairs secretary, said the country is passing through a critical time as democracy is on the brink of obliteration. “A meaningful dialogue is necessary between the government and the opposition parties to overcome it.”
“The country will soon head towards a one-party rule if we fail to restore a sustainable democratic and election process in the country,” he observed.
The BNP leader alleged that the government is doing the politics of vengeance to annihilate opposition through repressive acts.
“Engage in an effective dialogue shunning vengeance and repressive acts to save the country form its uncertain future. We should not do politics only to go to power. We should reach an understanding as to how employment can be generated, economy can be fortified and solve other national problems,” he said pointing at the government.
A munajat was offered after the programme praying for eternal peace of Pintu’s departed soul. – UNB