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BP problem rising in youth

BP problem rising in youth

Increasing blood pressure is now becoming a common matter. This problem is very noticeable at any age . Although many familiar reasons are known, the mass people are not aware of the exact reason. .
When blood pressure increases, it is called hypertension. It is common to see that due to genetic factors, due to various diseases, food irregularities, and no physical work, this problem is increasing.
Why it is rising?
Blood pressure rises due to many reasons. There are some of the reasons that happen with age. The secondary hypertension reason is uncontrolled food.
When we eat extra food, it is stored as fat. Frequent drinking of sugar in tea, buying processed foods and outside foods are other secondary reasons for hypertension.
Again, we eat bad fat directly, such as frozen foods, packaged foods, process foods, etc. There is a lot of bad fat, which is said in the language of science, saturated-fat, trans-fat etc is being stored in our bodies. The risk of hypertension increases.
Another reason is over-weight. Because of this excess weight, the risk of hypertension increases. if someone is obese for a long time, they are more prone to hypertension.
Changes in eating habits can keep BP under control or can be prevented:
Below are the following:

  1. Make a list of everyday foods. As you know beforehand whether you will eat the food all day long, it can be prepared beforehand, so it is not necessary to eat outside food.
  2. Reducing or eliminating food with excessive carbohydrates and bad fat in the food list. For example, not more than 3-time a day. Sometimes we eat biscuits in snacks which we do not need. About changing the cooking patterns, for example, cook the fish without oil. Do not fry eggs, boil it.
  3. Stop the use of excess salt in the food. In this case, do not have saplings in the house only, as well as stop packing food, process food to eat because it contains sodium chloride which means salt. If you eat these foods for a long time, then the risk of high blood pressure will increase.
  4. Do not smoke and refrain from eating alcohol.
  5. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, because vegetables and fruits contain potassium that controls blood pressure.
  6. Sometimes eat sea food and eat some nuts daily because it contains omega 3, omega 6 which removes bad fat that is accumulated in our body. This reduces the risk of hypertension.
    There is also need of physical work every day. It is necessary to do physical work or exercise in a little in addition to following the diet. Those who have been suffering from high blood pressure must maintain balanced diet and may need to take medicine according to the doctor’s advice,reports internet.