Domingo to continue as Bangladesh head coach

Staff Reporter 2022-01-14, 12:19am Cricket


DHAKA - Russell Domingo will continue as Bangladesh's head coach even though his future was hanging on the thread following a
disastrous Twenty20 World Cup and the national team's poor performance throughout 2021.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) had already appointed Jamie Siddons,
the Tigers former head coach as the batting consultant for the national team.
There was strong buzz that Siddons could eventually replace Domingo as the
head coach of the team.

However, BCB Cricket Operations Chairman Jalal Younus said the BCB had no
alternative to continue with Domingo.

"You know that till now we haven't got any alternative as head coach. We'd
appointed Siddons as the batting consultant. He will join the team in
February," he added.

"Few days ago, our BCB president also said since we had already given
Domingo a new contract, we should continue with him."

Moreover, Bangladesh had a tight International schedule, which denies BCB
to ponder about a new coaching panel.

"Since we have back to back cricket, we have little to ponder. The players
will be busy with BPL after coming from New Zealand. Then we have Afghanistan
series at home after which we will visit South Africa for a bilateral series. So, it's tough to think," Younus further said.

"Moreover, Gibson won't continue the job and Siddons will come. We actually would have to think about full coaching staff."

Jalal Younus also talked about BPL and said that the cash-rich tournament
will be held even though the Covid-19 cases in Bangladesh are on rise now.

He said there is no decision as of now about whether spectators will be allowed to enter into the stadium.

"But I think spectators won't be allowed in such circumstances. We are though yet to take a decision on this. But it is for sure that the BPL will be held."BSS