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DG Rab wants lawyers to shun legal assistance to militants
Rab DG Benazir Ahmed

DG Rab wants lawyers to shun legal assistance to militants

Dhaka, June 2 – Director General (DG) of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Benazir Ahmed yesterday (Sunday) asked lawyers to refrain from extending legal assistance to the militants. He urged lawyers of the country to reconsider the issue of providing legal aid to the fundamentalists and militants.
“Those who are advocating for militants can also be attacked by them. Militants have attacked lawyers on court premises also. If militants and fundamentalists are provided with legal aid, it can be suicidal for the country.”
He made this request at a press conference while addressing a media call regarding security during Eid-ul-Fitr at the RAB media centre at Kawranbazar.
“As many as 512 militant suspects have been arrested since the Holey Artisan attack. Of them, at least 300 are on bail and of those mostly are absconding,” said the RAB DG.
“It won’t be right to stand for the militants, at the courtroom, in exchange of money,” he said.
“I’m requesting you (the lawyers) to consider the case of militants differently,” he further said mentioning that the matter of militancy shouldn’t be treated like other crimes as theft, robbery or mugging. Otherwise, it will be suicidal for the country,” The elite force DG said.
In response to the question of whether the militants violate the law, Benazir Ahmed said that there is no problem with the law, there could be law enforcement issues.
Regarding the safety of the Eid day, DG RAB said that our security measures have come into force since the beginning of Ramadan in the important areas of the country. On the occasion of the Eid, RAB has been working to bring people home peacefully and return home from Dhaka.
“We are taking security measures based on our own intelligence as well as inputs from other intelligence agencies,” he added.
The RAB chief said that they are prepared to tackle any challenge should it arise. “Elite force and the detective branches are active to thwart militancy promptness.”
Talking about surveillance on 42 risky roads, he said 15 temporary camps have been set up at railway stations, bus stations and other places.
“There is militant attack risk on global and national levels. We, along with other intelligence forces, are taking security measures for this,” he said.
Calling for not to be fearful, he said, “Fugitive extremists, who got bail earlier, are trying to organise themselves again. But, I want to assure everyone that they won’t be able to run their operation for long days.”
In addition to the capital, security measures are being enforced in all major oath communities, including Sholakia, Dinajpur. Arrangements are made to secure the Eid Festival with maximum capacity. – Staff Reporter