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Bangladesh Cultural Society Canterbury celebrates Pohela Boishak 1431

Staff Correspondent, Dhaka Festivals 2024-05-04, 5:09pm


Bangladesh Cultural Society Canterbury, a cultural Organization of Bangladeshis in New Zealand, celebrated Pohela Boishak 1431 in a befitting way at Fendalton Community Centre, Christchurch on April 27 of 2024. 

The Organization celebrated the Bangla New Year by arranging an enticing cultural program that was designed and moderated by its members.

The program commenced with a brief opening speech from Dr. S. M. Akramul Kabir welcoming all esteemed guests and narrating the inclusive value of Pohela Boishak to our nation. After the opening speech, the president, Dr. M. M. Haroon-Ar-Rasheed, of the Organization reflected on the philosophical aspects of the Organization.

Following his speech, Christopher Palmer, Treasurer of this Organization, focused on the aims and objectives of the Organization by inviting the audience to join the Organization. A spectacular Chorus song, “Esho hai Boishakh Esho Esho…” was led by the Cultural Secretary Kanak Chanpa Kaysthagir along with Muntaha Karina, Champa Palma, and Teresa De Costa.

After that, a couple of melodious solos were performed by Kanak Chanpa Kaysthagir and Md Helal Uddin respectively. Richard Palma backed them with the beats of ‘Tabla’. A Tabla is a pair of hand drums from the Indian subcontinent.

The first segment ended with a patriotic chorus song, “Dhano Dhanno Puspo Vora" led by Kanak Chanpa Kaysthagir and her team. The second segment of the program included a couple of recitations by talented kids named Ayaan-Ar-Rasheed, Nayonika Aich and Rudra Aich, Izhaan Kabir, and Shurjodoy Talukder.

The second segment also included modern poems recited by Md. Zoha and Suporna Talukder. The final segment was a Quiz competition for the kids of the Bangladeshi community to foster their interest and awareness of the Bangla language and culture.

Bangladesh Cultural Society Canterbury is extremely grateful to Jewel Aich, Md Omar Jahid, and Asibur Rahman, for their contributions to preparing the venue and providing technical support.