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The price of eggs increased within a week

Special Correspondent Food 2024-05-13, 3:10pm


The price of eggs increased within a week

Dhaka, May 13 - The price of eggs has increased by Tk 25 to Tk 30 per dozen in the last one week in the country. Now every dozen eggs are sold in the open market for Tk 150.

After Eid, the demand for eggs has increased in the market. As a result, the traders are claiming that the prices have increased slightly as the supply is less than the demand.

Meanwhile, marginal egg farmers complain that they are not enjoying the benefits of the prices at which eggs are being sold. Rather, many farmers are withdrawing from the business for not getting fair price even though the cost of production has increased.

At this, the marginal farmers raised complaints against various egg traders' associations for the increase in the price of eggs.

However, denying the allegation, egg traders in different markets said that the price of eggs is on rise due to middlemen. The claim that they are selling eggs at a loss in some cases. But the price of eggs has increased within just in a week. 

Egg price on Sunday

A dozen eggs were sold at Tk 145-150 in different markets of Dhaka on Sunday. Buyers complain that the price of eggs has increased from Tk 120 per dozen to Tk 150 within a week.

Egg sellers at Mirpur market say that because they buy at a higher price, they also have to increase the price to keep a profit.

Azgar Ali, a retail egg seller said, “When we sell eggs to the consumer, we have to calculate the price we buy eggs from the wholesalers. That is, we sell by calculating the profit share, even if it is not much. We cannot increase the price”.

Complaints of marginal farmers

The daily demand of eggs in the country is 4 crores. Production is four and a half crores. Farmers said that these eggs are produced from five and a half million chickens. Marginal farmers are producing 80 percent of the eggs required in the market.

President of Bangladesh Poultry Association Suman Howladar informed "Farmers at marginal level are not getting fair price for eggs due to lack of government institutions or cooperation. As a result, the number of farmers is decreasing day by day. Egg syndicates control the price of eggs”.

Farmers said that the production cost of an egg in the farm is 9.5 to 10.50 taka. But they have to sell at a lower price. They complained that although they produce eggs, the prices are fixed by Tejgaon Egg Association and some corporate organizations. After buying eggs from farmers, Tejgaon Egg Traders Association fixes higher prices for sale to various market traders through Facebook. As a result, buyers are forced to buy at higher prices from the market.

President of Bangladesh Poultry Association Suman Howladar claimed that even though there is no change in the situation at the moment, the price of eggs is constantly increasing at the consumer level because of the egg traders.

“Now the government has fixed the retail price at twelve taka or twelve and a half taka which is a reasonable price. But when it is not available, the egg traders reduce its price for their own benefit. Even if the production cost of farmers is 10 taka, they have to sell within 7 and a half to 8 taka. Marginal farmers are helpless to them”.

The statement of wholesale traders

However, the Tejgaon Egg Traders Association has rejected such allegations of Marginal Farmers and Poultry Association. The business leaders of the association claim that the price of eggs is always low in the month of Ramadan. 

But this year due to extreme heat many chickens died and the price of eggs is increasing. Egg production has also decreased due to heat. As a result production is less than demand. They claim that the farmers cannot increase the price of eggs, said the association leaders. 

Tejgaon Egg Traders Association President Aman Ullah said “Lakhs of chickens died in the heat last month. Due to the heat, the production of eggs has decreased by about 30 percent. Now the demand is increasing but the production is low so the price is increasing”. The trader alleged that the middlemen are responsible for the increase in the price of eggs.

According to the data of Bangladesh Poultry Association, on an average around one lakh chickens died every day due to intense heat in the month of April. Its estimated value is Taka 20 crore. 

However, President of Bangladesh Poultry Association Suman Howladar claimed "It cannot be said that the price of eggs has been increased from May because of the chickens that died in April. 

Marginal farmers complained that attempts are also being made to destabilize the market by storing eggs in cold storage.

Department of Consumer Protection raid

Meanwhile, the Department of Consumer Protection has raided two large consignments of egg hoarding in the past week. Officials of the department said that there have been complaints of storing eggs in different places anonymously. Later raids were conducted. In that operation, 28 lakh eggs were recovered in a freezer in Pakundia of Kishoreganj. Besides, 2 million eggs were recovered from a cold store in Narsingdi.

Director General of Consumer Protection Directorate AHM Safikuzzaman said, "Usually eggs cannot be stored in freezers. It is done with ulterior motives. The main purpose of egg storage is to increase the price and sell it in the market after the supply decreases. So many eggs have been stored for this purpose. Evidence of secret hoarding has been found at various places. However, under the existing law, direct action cannot be taken against eggs if they are stored in cold storage”.

"This operation has been conducted to maintain the supply of products in the market. Again, after receiving complaints in many places, nothing was found during raids. After hearing the news of the operation in Comilla, eggs were removed from the freezer or sold them in the market," added AHM Safikuzzaman

After the operation, it has been ordered to arrange for the sale of these eggs in the market. So that the supply of eggs in the market remains okey. Apart from this, the officials of the Directorate of Consumer Rights said that the local administration also takes action many times, AHM Safikuzzaman said adding that this campaign will continue to ensure supply to the market. BBC Bangla.