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BFF greets Dr. Ali Imran

Greenwatch News Desk Football 2022-08-13, 10:05pm


Dhaka, 13 August - Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) greeted Dr. Ali Imran, deputy chairman of BFF sports medical committee, for being appointed as the first professor of the country's sports medicine.

In a BFF's press release today (Saturday), BFF's president Kazi Mohammad Salahuddin, its senior vice-president, vice presidents, general secretary, executive members and all standing committee members congratulated Dr. Ali Imran for his success.

Earlier, Dr Ali Imran was awarded in the third Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Medical Award-2022 by the AFC under the AFC distinguished Service Award (silver) category for his outstanding contribution in the country's medical sector of football and Asia more than 20 years.

Apart from this, he also served as the neutral medical officer, nominated by the AFC, in the international football competition, organised by the AFC.