Tuesday , January 28 2020
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GreenWatch Dhaka mourns Dr MS Haq

GreenWatch Dhaka mourns Dr MS Haq

Dr MS Haq, the prolific writer who used to fill the Green Corner of this online newspaper,  is no more. He died of a massive heart attack in Dhaka on late Monday afternoon. He was buried near his parents’ graves at Mohammadpur in Dhaka city on Tuesday. Dr. Haq was 59. A former adviser to the governments of Fiji and Afghanistan, Dr. Haq was a prolific writer. Important developments on national and international speheres never missed his attention. He used to interpret such developments from the point of view of functioning of genes in human bodies – in Dr. Haq’s words – gene mechanics of which he loved to call himself the proponent.We have been in touch for a decade. He used to write for the paper that I used to edit – The New Nation – from 2005 to 20013. Dr. MS Haq used to be very particular in inquiring that that his write-ups were properly published. Since genetics – the science of genes, heridity, and variation in living organisms – is a discipline of pure science his interpretation of social and political developments by going deep into the work of genes leading to different types of stimuli and responses to those, were sometimes not very easy to understand for average readers. Through years of interaction we developed a relationship of mutual respect that lasted till his death. His last write-up – Equality of men and women – was published in GreenWatch Dhaka on 22 February.
A graduate in management Dr. Haq studied medicine and various other subjects in his later life. Dr. Haq’s wife Ms Sarwar Sultana worked as a senior UNDP official in a number of countries. The couple used to live in their Dhanmadi residence. Dr. Haq had deep feelings for the society and the people. He used to view things positively and suggest positive remedies to problems that surfaced from time to time. In these days of intolerance when most writers prefer shying away from writing on crude realities of life, he used to take those headon and give his own interpretations and conclusions inoffensively. The GreenWatch Dhaka misses him as none will fill the void he left. May Allah grant him heavenly peace and his widow the mental strength to overcome the shock.

Mostafa Kamal Majumder, Editor