Community radios aware people on trafficking

2021-07-30, 8:33pm Media


Community radios are playing vital role to aware people on trafficking.

Dhaka, Jul 30 : Bangladesh remained one of the Asian countries at risk of human trafficking due to Covid-19 as the country observed World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Friday.

This year, the theme of the day was set by the UN as "Victims' Voices Lead the Way."

So, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication and Winrock International today ran awareness-raising campaigns, through radio programmes, to highlight the victims' experiences to prevent human trafficking at the local level and to strengthen the role of the concerned stakeholders.

The country's community radios broadcast programmes including features, general radio talk shows, puppet shows, songs, and magazine shows.

The programmes focused on the survivors or experience, different types and causes of human trafficking, the legal immigration process; the risks, and consequences of illegal immigration, existing laws and penalties to prevent human trafficking, and helpline numbers.

Amid a global pandemic, growing inequality, and massive economic losses, people who have survived are at risk of human trafficking.

So, it is now more urgent than ever to listen to them as the pandemic has pushed more than 124 million people into extreme poverty, putting millions at risk of being trafficked, reports UNB.