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PM Hasina pledges action if anyone plays with share market
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina making her winding-up speech at the second session of parliament on Tuesday, Apr 30, 2019. Photo. PID via UNB

PM Hasina pledges action if anyone plays with share market

She welcomes BNP MPs for joining parliament
Dhaka, Apr 30 – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday warned that action will be taken if anyone wants to play with the share market.
“… if anyone wants to play (with the market), obviously we’re taking action and will take so,” she said while giving her winding-up speech in the second session of the 11thparliament.
The Prime Minister said the government has taken many steps to keep the share market stable. “Those who are going to the market should know that there’s the possibility of both profit and loss. When you make profits, you’ll be happy but when you incur losses, you’ll shift the blame on the government. This is not fair,” she said.
She said the government is taking steps whatever necessary for the capital market. “We’re giving protection; we’re providing all types of facilities for the market.”
Sheikh Hasina also mentioned that the government wants the stock market to run with stability. “We don’t want the market to suddenly go up and down. We’re taking appropriate measures to control it,” she added.
Noting that the share market is like gambling, Hasina said, “You can make profits as well as you can incur losses. Those who will go the capital market have to consider it.”
The Prime Minister asked the investors to look into all the related aspects before going for investing in any company’s share.
“The investors should make their own decision,” she said, adding that no one will take their responsibilities.
Hasina assured that there is nothing to be worried about the capital market as the government is taking steps for its betterment. “I’ll say there’s nothing to be worried. I’ve already had a meeting with the stakeholders a couple of days back in Parliament to find out the way to fix the market,” she said.
Talking about the ‘controversy’ over the colour of the Bangladesh National Cricket team’s jersey for the World Cup, the Prime Minister said it was made following the rules and regulations of the International Cricket Council.
She said two sets of jersey were made this time and one was of maroon colour and other of green. “In the green one, the colour of ‘Bangladesh’ was in red. But the ICC raised their objection, saying it can’t be written in red, it has to be in white. That’s why the colour of ‘Bangladesh’ is white,” she said.
She said there will be some red colour in the monogram or there will be the touch of red colour in some other places. “That this jersey has turned into that of Pakistan is not correct. If the ICC gives dress code or puts objection, we have to follow that. It doesn’t mean that we’re copying some others’ jersey. It’ll be better not to see the matter this way,” she said.
Sheikh Hasina urged all to stand against terrorism and militancy with united efforts. “We want peace and prosperity in Bangladesh,” she said.
She said giving the misinterpretation of religion, some people are misguiding a section of people to kill fellows. “Questions arise in mind how those who are thinking to go to heaven by killing innocent people think so. How will they go to heaven?“ she said.
Posing a question, the Prime Minister said, “Why don’t those, who are giving the lesson that by killing innocent people one could go to heaven, go to heaven first?”
“Those are giving the lesson are not dying, but they’re using some youth folks making them bigots. The lesson givers should go first and inform us whether they enter heaven. Then we’ll go. They should do that at least,” she said.
She urged the people of the country to remain alert and take steps if they see any abnormal activity anywhere.
About the Wasa water, Sheikh Hasina said dirt is seen in water in some places, urging people to clean their water reservoirs regularly. “Water tanks should be cleaned at least after every 3-4 months,” she said.
But she said if the Wasa supplies dirty water, people should complain about it through the emergency phone number. “If it happens, then obviously Wasa is responsible and they’ll take measures,” she said.
The Prime Minister, however, ruled out the possibility to extend the age limit for entering the government job.
She also welcomed BNP MPs for joining parliament.
Describing various initiatives of the government for the development of the country, she said Bangladesh is marching forward and it will continue its journey. – UNB