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Poultry farming threatened by high prices of chicks
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Poultry farming threatened by high prices of chicks

Continuous losses in the poultry business leads local poultry farmers to utter despair because of unusual price hike of the poultry feed and day old chicks (DOC) in the country. The perpetual losses in the poultry business for the last five years has led many farmers to shut down their operations resulting in unemployment.

The price of a DOC in the neighboring country, India is TK 27/28 while it is Tk 68/70 in our country. DOC prices may further increase in April because of its high demand of brawlers surrounding the Pohela Baishakh, sources said.
With the existing price of a DOC, the cost of producing a 1500-gram chicken is more than TK 200.00. Currently the average wholesale price of chicken is TK 150/- per kg. With this price a poultry farmer has to incur a loss of TK 20/-per broiler. Besides, the average mortality rate of chicken is 5% -10% what leads them to sell the poultry birds at cheap prices.
Once the poultry farmers were considered as the pioneers of broiler chicken marketing by creating earning sources for hundreds of thousands of people in the country. Large poultry firms with their easy access to bank loan makes huge investments in poultry business holding a major share of the market and driving away the small farmers in the process. On the other hand, the small farmers with the training from different government institutions and their small equities established the business and have been living hand to mouth.
“If the price hike of the DOC goes on, one day the poultry farming business will be stopped totally in the country,” Ruhul Mia, a local poultry farmer in Dhaka, said expressing his despair.
“We cannot bear anymore losses. It is high time to take initiatives by the government, otherwise we the local poultry traders have to starve,” he added.
Another poultry farmer Jabbar Ali, of Kawran bazar area, he said, “I started my business with huge investments by taking loan from a bank, but now the continuous loss compels me to shut down the business for the high price of the chicks. Now I have huge loan in the bank, I could not repay it for the perpetual loss in my business. We want government intervention in this regard to control prices of the poultry food and DOC immediately, so that we can survive.” – News Desk.