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Rosatom to supply power from Floating Units to foreign buyers

Power 2024-03-27, 11:19pm


A Russian Floating Power Unit.Rosatom- PR- Photo- 27.03.2024

Russia’s state atomic energy corporation Rosatom and another energy giant of the country TSS Group have agreed to form a joint venture for the construction and operation of a series of floating power units (FPUs) with RITM-200M nuclear reactors. Within the framework of the recently concluded ATOMEXPO-2024 held in Sochi Russia, both parties signed an agreement on the main terms and conditions of the joint venture.

The project involves the commencement of construction of a series of floating power units using RITM-200M reactor units with a capacity of at least 100 MW and a service life of 60 years, and the subsequent sale of electricity from the FPUs to consumers abroad.

“We see a great deal of interest in floating nuclear power both in Russia and abroad. Floating power units are capable of operating in the harsh conditions of the Arctic and countries with warm climates. We offer foreign partners modern and low-carbon solutions in power supply with the highest predictable electricity tariff,” said Vladimir Aptekarev, Deputy Head of Rosatom’s Machine-Building Division.

“Floating power units are an efficient solution for current and future energy shortage problems in regions with a rapidly developing economy. I am confident that the investment in floating nuclear power units will substantially increase in the coming years as new nuclear technology is rolled out to meet the growing global power demand,” commented Sergei Velichko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TSS Group.

Floating power units (FPU) are a new, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution to the problems of power supply in remote areas, large investment projects in mining, and energy-intensive industrial facilities. The modularity of FPUs allows for the fastest and most flexible capacity expansion and the ability to provide customers with the amount of energy they need. Floating power units have great commercial potential in Russia and abroad due to the possibility of obtaining a predictable electricity price for decades. – Press release