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CPJ hailed as a ‘Red Cross for journalism’

Press 2024-06-08, 12:04pm


The Canadian Association of Journalists award the Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ)

On Saturday, CPJ was awarded the Canadian Association of Journalists’ (CAJ) 2024 Charles Bury Award for commitment to protecting the safety and security of journalists at risk worldwide.

“For decades, the CPJ has saved countless lives of journalists while simultaneously shining a bright light on the many draconian abuses to press freedom around the world,” said CAJ president Brent Jolly at the association’s annual awards ceremony at Toronto’s Reference Library. 

CAJ specifically highlighted CPJ’s impact supporting journalists in Gaza, Ukraine, Mexico, Russia, the Philippines, and Canada.

“This is not just an acknowledgement of the work that my colleagues at the Committee to Protect Journalists undertake but a tribute to the countless journalists who risk their lives every day to shed light on the most critical stories of our time, keeping the public informed while holding authorities to account,” said Katherine Jacobsen, CPJ’s U.S., Canada and Caribbean program coordinator upon acceptance of the award.