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Quick ways to stay fresh in summer

Quick ways to stay fresh in summer

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Summer’s about hot sticky afternoons and humid evenings that will have you desperate for a shower every 10 minutes! Not to mention greasy hair and oily skin. Here’s quick ways to stay fresh, keep the hair away from your face and smell good.
For your skin:
-Make sure you carry a face wash at all times.
-Also get some moisturiser, sun tan lotion and a clean, white towel.
-A bottle of water is very important for your skin. No, it’s not to wash your face, but, for drinking. Make sure you’re consuming at least 2 bottles of water every day and more the better.
For your hair
-The best thing to do with your hair is to braid them. Use clips as well so that you can pin up your hair if you have a step cut or fringes.
-The latest addition to the summer wardrobe is the hairband. Use them to keep your hair out of your face. They come in all colours, metallica shades and even toothed varieties.
-The only drawback is that the toothed hairbands tend to cut into your scalp. At the end of the day, you’d be left with a splitting ache on the sides of your head.
-Get a big crocodile clip to clip your hair together. Don’t bother about how you look. It’s summer and you deserve to put your hair the way you want.
Smell good
-Carry a deo with you at all times. This way, whenever you know you’re sweating more than usual, you can always use the deo.
-If you can get one, always keep a small perfume bottle. Apply them on your pulse points which is behind your ear, on your wrists. The scent will stay for a long time.
-Carry a stole with you so that you can cover your sweat patches if it bothers you so much.