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‘Sustainable Resolution of the Rohingya Crisis’
Seminar on 'Sustainable Rohingya Crisis Program', organized by UN Bangladesh Mission. Photo courtesy

‘Sustainable Resolution of the Rohingya Crisis’

Mahfuz Adnan
New York, Sept 28 – The activists concerned have called for world conscience to be addressed in a permanent solution to the Rohingya issue, adding that it is important for Myanmar to be extradited to the international court for crimes against humanity. However, with the sources of China, Bangladesh and Myanmar meeting at the UN, however, some are looking forward to a peaceful solution.Bangladesh’s foreign minister AKA Momen said for two consecutive bouts Myanmar violated the Rohingya’s return to their homeland with honour. While the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries have a strong role in the Rohingya issue, the crisis has not actually ended. Dr. Momen said the United States has the highest support for funding the more than one million Rohingya. Although many other countries and international organisations are on the side of Bangladesh, they have not been able to create a living environment with the respect of the Rohingyas, who were compelled to leave Basatvita for fear of life, to return to their homeland. Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi recently said that 9 million Rohingya are all Bangladeshi, not native to Myanmar. And this is how prominent people are trying to make the situation worse.
A seminar titled ‘Sustainable Resolution for the Rohingya Crisis’, organized by Bangladesh Mission with the help of the Global Center for the Responsibility to the UN, was held at the Bangabandhu Auditorium on September 23, Co-host company executive director said. Global Justice Center President Aquila Radhakrishnan and Gambia’s Law Minister Abubakar M Tambado spoke more as panelists in Simon Edm’s performance.