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Aero Crew News- Aviation Monthly

Tourism 2024-06-10, 11:58pm


Prof. M Zahidul Haque

Prof. M Zahidul Haque

I have been regularly reading “Aero Crew News” – an international aviation monthly magazine published from Atlanta GA, USA. Basically it is a free pilots hiring magazine but the publication also contains aviation articles, industry news, fitness tips, etc. and a reference grid that compares more than 30 contractual aspects of 48 airline’s pilot contracts. The magazine is updated with current information plus educative and entertaining subjects. Captain Pilot Craig D. Piper is the owner and publisher of the Aero Crew News (ACN). Piper has been regularly publishing this useful and informative magazine since its inception in March 2015. The ACN is edited by Deborah Bandy.

Aero Cew News Cover June 24

This author feels himself much fortunate because the e-edition of the Aero Crew News reaches his inbox on the first day of every month with a letter from friend Craig Piper highlighting the salient features of the current issue with other matters. In his present letter Craig informed that two additions have been made from the June 24 issue of ACN as he writes:-


We are very pleased to welcome two new additions to our eMagazine. First, we welcome a column that is titled, Aero Medical which will bring us news and developments in aviation related to medical issues, namely with pilots’ medical rights and the Pilot Mental Health Campaign.  We hope you’ll get valuable information to digest and to share with your colleagues. We also welcome a little aviation humor in the cartoon, Coffee and Pretzels by Greg Kaley. Every month, our cartoonist/pilot will provide a panel that will hit home – or should I say, “Hit us where we work.” Enjoy the additions and please share your impressions (

Summertime and thunderstorms are here as this year is just flying ✈️ by. But before you know it, we will be back to cold nights and de-icing aircraft. Enjoy the season while it lasts.

Fly Safe,

Craig Pieper, Publisher / Owner

Aero Crew News”

This author feels that some safety learning issues should be included in the newly introduced ‘Aero Medical’ section. It may be mentioned here that in recent days, two serious on air accident occurred due to severe turbulence the flights had encountered—one with Singapore Airlines where one died and 71 injured and the other with Qatar Airways flight resulted in 12 persons injury. As the incidence of turbulence is increasing perhaps due to climate change, the airlines need to make passengers aware about such accidents plus instant safety measures.

Every year the Aero Crew News organizes Aviation photo contest open to everyone to participate. This year’s (2024) theme was “Vintage Aircraft” and the grand prize winning photo was—“Enduring the Storm: C-118 Stands Strong” by Todd K.

Among the few, Aero Crew News is one of the leading international aviation magazines. Meanwhile the ACN perhaps to expand its wings further, an Asia page may be created to cover different aviation news of the Asian countries including Bangladesh. In this part of the world some startling event also takes place. For instance, a domestic flight of Bangladesh’s national airlines “Biman Bangladesh” had to face a 25-minute delay in landing at a local airport due to a fox running on the runway!

It may be mentioned here that in Bangladesh only one Fortnightly – “The Bangladesh Monitor” is being published which covers aviation and tourism news. This newspaper that is “GREENWATCH” also maintains a section on ‘Tourism’ which publishes travel and aviation news. It appears from aviation/travel statistics, a very good number of people including this author take interest in aviation news—both commercial and operational. It is expected that the Aero Crew News can serve a variety of aviation news to the readers which will enhance knowledge and technical know-how. Anyone interested to get Aero Crew News may write to:

(Prof. M Zahidul Haque is a former Professor at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka and a regular contributor to GreenWatch)