Rights group demand TRIPs waiver for Bangladesh

Rights group demand TRIPs waiver for Bangladesh


Rights group on Saturday demanded Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) waiver for Bangladesh as well as other LDCs until become a developed country.They also demanded extension of TRIPS waiver period on pharmaceutical industries of Bangladesh for next 10 years at least up to 2025.

Thirty rights based organizations, led by EquityBD raised the demands in a press conference held at national press club, according to a press release.

Leaders of the rights based organizations opined that Bangladesh is yet an import oriented country of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for our pharmaceutical industries. This scenario does not representing the self-sufficient capacity in view of technology & knowledge-based to fit the industries as global standard, they said.

So withdrawal of such waiver and patent to be granted in pharmaceuticals that would be a cause of higher price, narrow market demand both in country and exporting field and will denied the access of our poor people in the necessary health services, they said.

That’s why Bangladesh and LDCs deserve TRIPS waiver for her Pharmaceutical industries at least next 10 years up to 2025, they added.

In his speech, Md. Badrul Alam of Farmers Federation, criticized and condemned the present representatives of USA and Canada for their negative role in the TRIPS meeting for not announcing its full support to the WTO-LDC group’s requests in relation to the pharmaceutical transition period.

Sharifuzzaman of Nagorik Shanghati said that, there has a scope of TRIPs waiver extension for LDCs because, On June 11, 2013, WTO has announced that LDCs will be getting an extension for TRIPS until 2021.

The waiver came as “Extension of the transition period under Article 66.1 for LDC members”. This has given the LDC’s as leverage for more years to implement international intellectual property protection rules, he said

So Bangladesh as LDC could get this opportunity indeed until it graduation as developed country according to the WTO commitment, Sharifuzzaman added.  -News desk


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