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United Nations role important to establish conflict-free Kashmir

Strategic 2023-02-06, 12:02pm


Speakers at the discussion meeting on the Kashmir Problem and the security in South Asia in Dhaka on Sunday

A discussion meeting on 'Kashmir problem and stability in South Asia' has been organized at Bangladesh Shishu Kallyan Parishad, Dhaka on Sunday 05th February 2023 at 10.30 am on the initiative of Desh Bachao Manus Bachao Andolan. Conducted and presided over by KM Rakibul Islam Ripon, president of the organizing body.

Security analyst Colonel Retired Ashraf Al Deen urged India to practice democracy in a non-sectarian spirit. He supported the right of Kashmiris and said that India should restore the rights of Kashmiri people by restoring Article 370. Kashmir can be Israel of future through Hindutva policy. Kashmiris may have to accept the fate of Palestine. By repealing 370 all Indians will be able to purchase land in Kashmir. Due to this policy, the Muslim population of Kashmir will lose their own land in Kashmir. The international community only asks Pakistan and India to exercise restraint, but no one works to solve the real problem of Kashmir. He felt that the role of the United Nations is important for the establishment of conflict-free Kashmir in maintaining stability in South Asia.

Dr. Saifuddin Ahmed, teacher and researcher of Peace and Conflict Studies Department, Dhaka University said, Kashmir is very important for both India and Pakistan. Majority here are Muslims and they are regularly persecuted. People of all countries including Bangladesh should be vocal against this torture. He emphasized on taking necessary steps to stop human rights violations in Kashmir. He emphasized on the role of the United Nations and India in protecting the human rights of the people of Kashmir and establishing a conflict-free Kashmir. He supported the right of Kashmiris and said that India should return the rights of the Kashmiri people by restoring Article 370. He also felt that the people of Kashmir will not get their rights back until Kashmir becomes a country.

Labor Party Chairman Doctor Mostafizur Rahman Iran has commented that the Kashmir crisis is a threat to South Asia and the whole world. He said India has destabilized the region by revoking the special autonomy (Article 370) of Kashmiris. The Government of India must leave the poison of communalism and return the rights of the people of Kashmir. Bangladesh government and people should stand by Kashmiris. He also mentioned that the Kashmir crisis should be resolved to protect the stability of South Asia through a plebiscite under the supervision of the United Nations.

Rashed Khan, senior vice-president of the People's Rights Council, urged the country's government and political parties to support the freedom-loving people of Kashmir. He thinks that decisions should be taken according to the opinion of Kashmiris by holding a referendum through the United Nations. He called for an early resolution of the Kashmir issue to preserve human rights and establish stable peace in South Asia and highlighted the plight of the youth there and the brutality of the Indian armed forces against them. He said that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have blamed and condemned India for human rights violations like indiscriminate killings, disappearances, torture etc. in Kashmir.

Mr. Shaheen, Diplomatic Correspondent of The Daily Global Nation said we are all victims of Kashmir crisis. On this day of solidarity we should all come together to solve the problem of Kashmir. Curfews, illegal detentions, murders, premeditated killings, sieges, home fires, torture, disappearances, rapes, torture of Muslim women and killings through fake encounters have become daily occurrences in Kashmir. He called for the urgent intervention of the international civil society and the United Nations to stop these deaths and torture. He urged the country's government and political parties to support the freedom-seeking people of Kashmir. He also said that BJP is torturing the Muslims of Kashmir and India and exploiting Bangladesh as well. So now it is necessary to unite and resist India's policy of aggression. – Press release