Aurthohin's new album released

Aurthohin’s new album released


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Earlier, the Aurthohin frontman and lead vocal “Bassbaba” Sumon hinted June 30 to be the possible release date for the band’s latest album. Apparently, the band thought that they have already tested enough of their fans’ patience and therefore, their latest album titled Cancer er Nishikabbo was released a couple of days earlier than scheduled, on June 27 though a music streaming service, Robi Yonder Music.

CDs of the album will also be released shortly.

Cancer er Nishikabbo is the band’s latest album in five years. A total of eight tracks have been included in the album that consists a new version of the band’s hit number “Chaitei paro.” Apart from the title track “Cancer-er Nishikabbo,” other tracks includes “Bichoron,” “Nil paharer gaye,” “Bhalobaste jani na,” “Guti 5,” “Nikriishto-3” and “Notun odvut sei cheleti.”

Aurthohin fans will have a lot more to look out for in the coming days since the band has confirmed the release of eight music videos this year. Besides, Bassbaba Sumon’s solo bass instrumental “Soul Food” is also scheduled to come out in September this year.


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