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Sunflower cultivation target exceeds in Khulna region

News Desk Agriculture 2023-03-14, 3:20pm


The sunflower cultivation has exceeded its target fixed by Agriculture Development Project Crop (GKBSP) in Khulna this season.

The sunflower cultivation has exceeded its target fixed by Agriculture Development Project Crop (GKBSP) in Khulna this season as its cultivation has been gaining popularity among the farmers.
The GKBSP has fixed the target of sunflower cultivation on 320 hectares of land in four districts under Khulna region. But its cultivation has exceeded this target.
The sunflower cultivation has been completed on 2,895 hectares, 2,575 hectares more land of its target.
Additional Director of GKBSP in Khulna region Md Faridul Hasan told that the sunflower cultivation is lucrative and less expensive.
About 8 maunds of sunflower seed is produced from one bigha of land while initiatives are underway to create market for selling sunflower seed, he said.
Sunflower oil is very useful for human body as at least 400 gram oil comes from one kilogram of sunflower seed. The sunflower cultivation has got a bright possibility in the region as the weather and soil are conducive for its cultivation here.
The Government works aiming at an incensement of oilseed production by 40 percent within the next 3 years, he added.
A total of, 20 exhibition plots have been set up by Agriculture Development Project Crop (GKBSP) in Gopalganj, Khulna, Bagerhat, Satkhira and Pirojpur under Khulna agricultural region.
Following the instruction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the sunflower farming has increased as the fallow land has been brought under sunflower cultivation, said Amarendunath Biswas, Project Officer of Agriculture Development Project Crop (GKBSP).
GKBSP have ensured training and motivation regarding sunflower cultivation to the farmers of the respective areas, he said.
Besides, the government has taken various steps for increasing oilseed production, he added.