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Prices may go up, down

GreenWatch Desk Budget 2023-06-01, 11:59pm


Some products and services may be costlier or cheaper as Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal today proposed some changes to tariff on those in the new budget.

There might be decrease in the prices of different products and services, including sweets, raw materials for cancer medicines, homemade biscuits, cake, airplane engine, turbo engine, agriculture equipment, sanitary napkin, diaper, malaria and TB medicines, silicon tube, optical fibre cables, hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel.

On the other hand, price may increase in case of some products, including imported nuts, imported coffee, bicycle parts, dates, imported software, GI fittings, cylinder of high-end electric vehicle, E-cigarette, imported motorcycle, escalator, imported electric light fittings, nicotine or nicotine substitutes, imported microwave ovens, lifts, gold bars, tobacco products, adhesive/glue, cement, ball point pen, software, polypropylene film, LPG cylinder, mobile phone, plastic household products, tissue paper, aluminium utensils, microwave oven, refrigerator, washing machine, electric oven, juicer, blender, rice cooker, pressure cooker, printer, scanner, router, earphones, pen drive, SSD card, CCTV monitor, projector, digital watch, electric panel, processed foods, basmati rice, sunglasses, glass, facewash and titanium dioxide., reports BSS.